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Climate Control

  • Year round harvest

  • Optimize and controlled lighting 24/7

  • Reduce plant issues (fungus & pests)

  • Maximize growth and efficiency

  • Decrease production cycle time

  • Temperature & Humidity Control

  • Substantial Improvement in Oder Control

  • Reduced Legal & Regulatory challenges

  • Production Growth Rate

  • Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Plants take in CO2 and produce oxygen.

  • Improved Relationships with Community and Consumers 



  • Eliminates hundreds of acres of farmland.

  • No large expensive equipment (tractors, combines).

  • No fuels like oil, gas and diesel.

  • Lower operation and transportation costs.

  • No high maintenance cost.

  • No Herbicides, Fungicides or Pesticides

  • High safety concerns for employees and quality of the food supply.

  • Using all organic products (does not contain GMO).


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