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The Building Structure

The six-story Redbarn.Farm structure is constructed on a three-acre parcel and has been designed with several elements to optimize production, efficiency, and sustainability. The Exterior is comprised of more than 1,000,000 sq. ft. of solar energy-producing glass. The Core of the facility is a proprietary gravity-fed system that combined with a unique proprietary air and water system provides the perfect environment for produce, fish or livestock.


All waste products are collected and converted into energy and marketable commodities. The Redbarn.Farm environment is designed to operate with zero landfill waste, with zero emissions and with a zero energy footprint.




Circumference: 1,068.141 ft.

Diameter: 340 ft.

Radius: 170 ft.

Area: 90,792.03

Total Area of 6 Floors: 1,696,460.0328



43,560 sq. ft

Floor: 6.49

Total: 38.945


Mile = 5,280 ft.

5,280 x 160 = 844,800 sq. ft

2 miles


A Football Field:

300 x 160 = 48,000

5.89 fields

Total: 35.34 fields


130 Acres of Growing Area in a 3 Acre Parcel.

The Size of a Football Field.

354 Football Fields

(Cubic Feet of Growing Area)

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